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Bibox Announcement on Upgrading of Spot Trading System
Dear Biboxers, In order to provide you with a better trading experience, Bibox will upgrade and maintain the spot trading system from 11:00 to 16:00 on February 9, 2023 (UTC+8). The estimated duration of the upgrade and maintenance is 5 hours. Please note: During the upgrade, the following services will not be affected: deposit, withdrawal, and futures related services. Spot trading will be suspended,including spot APIs, spot quantitative tools, coin and leverage accounts' fund transfers, etc. will be suspended. It is recommended that you plan your transactions in advance to avoid unnecessary losses. After the upgrade is completed, Bibox will synchronize the announcement immediately. You can also join Bibox official telegram group ( to know the latest progress of the upgrade. We apologize for the inconvenience caused during this period. [Risk Warning] There are huge risks in digital asset transactions. Please purchase with caution and pay attention to transaction risks. Bibox will select high-quality currencies, but will not assume any responsibility for guarantees, compensation, etc. for any of your transactions. [Contact Us] If you have any questions, you are welcome to contact us at any time (7*24) through the following methods.Wish you a happy transaction! Official Website: Online Customer Service:Go to consult Official Email:[email protected] a ticket Official English Telegram: Bibox will continue to improve user trading experience and provide you with better services. Bibox Team 2/8/2023
Update time: 2023.02.08 12:27:38
Bibox 5th Anniversary
Click to see the greetings from worldwide users: Dear Biboxers, We just have incredible news for you. We are pleased to announce our fifth anniversary celebration. To everyone reading this, you deserve the best and many congratulations for your kind trust and experience with Bibox. 5th year of service would not have brought our adventure to this wonderful moment. But the trust of our community has inspired us to continue offering the best exchange services. Wewould not have achieved much impact without you and your trust. Therefore,we'rethrilledto mentiona completelyhugethanksto you all for making thisadventurea pleasingsuccess. To celebrate our 5th year anniversary of services,we'veprogrammeda sequenceof sincere celebrationswith the theme“Unbox Crypto with Bibox”in the sense of transparency, user's experience, trustworthiness, and for future developments. How It Started 5 Years Ago Countdown from 2017 till date when Bibox was birthed. Bibox, The First AI-powered Digital Asset Trading Platform, was established in 2017 and is one of the few blockchain enterprises that has obtained the Swiss VQF license. In the past years, Bibox has received praise and recognition from worldwide cryptocurrency experts and traders for our robust and secure system, great variety of trading options, innovative listing programs and first-class customer service. Up to now, Bibox has launched 579+ tokens, opened 826+ trading markets, and the spot daily trading volume exceeds 1 billion US dollars. Every day, Bibox’s trading services are trusted by 1 million cryptocurrency traders and investors from 160+ countries, especially those in Asia, Europe and North America. 5th Year - Bibox Product Highlights Since 2017, Bibox has launched unique products to enhance its user’s experience with flexibility and would keep doing the most. Bibox Products Features include: Spot Trading, Leverage Trading, Futures Trading, Copy Trading, Lending and Staking, Trading Bot, and Public Blockchain Club. In addition, Bibox launched SELECTED, a fresh line of listing & trading service that consists of Super Start, Pre-taste, and S-POOL –only high-quality blockchain projects are selected for listing, and Bibox users get to stake the project tokens flexibly or buy them at a discounted price with near-zero risk of loss. Apart from offering regular spot and contract trading, Bibox has innovated some smart and easy-to-use functions, thanks to our multilingual user interface and 24*7 online service. In the past 5 years, Bibox has provided a Robust Security - Safe use of microservices splitting design and AI to provide smart token and trading management. Professional Team - with rich experience in the field of blockchain, finance, digital assets and AI. 24*7 Hours Services - with multilingual support to solve users' inquiries instantly. Smooth Operation - Memory matching system of megabits per second with admissible user throughput up to ten million. Multiple Coins & Trading Pairs - Support up to 400+ high-quality coins and 270+ various trading pairs. Bibox community - a recognition of learning about cutting-edge information, smooth user’s communication with 24*7 support. Bibox Academy - to help users to learn the blockchain ecosystem and how digital assets, cryptocurrency works with risk management. Events & Meetups Recently, Bibox has successfully held some local and international events, summits, workshops and meetups, with the aim of connecting with our global user’s and potential project’s to expand our business and grow in a very innovative technology. Our Vision and Future Plans Looking ahead, We are proud to have come up with a global trading service in the industry built with users' trust and experience, 7*24 hours of services, and robust security. We are thrilled to say; in the near future, Bibox will remain true to our original aspiration and bring our trading services to an even higher level worldwide.
Update time: 2022.12.13 08:22:13