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Bibox's Explanation on PLCU Token Burning Mechanism
Dear Biboxers, According to PLCU's contract burning mechanism, users need to pay a 3% tax to the PLCU token contract each time they transfer on the chain. As a result, Bibox has formulated the processing rules for the deposit/withdrawal of PLCU tokens. The details are as follows: Deposit:Before successfully reaching the Bibox account, a 3% tax will be charged by the PLCU network, and the balance will be credited to the Bibox account. Withdrawal:Due to the special burning mechanism of PLCU, Bibox will deduct 3% of the tax generated by the burning of the withdrawal network on the basis of the original withdrawal fee. [Risk Warning] There are huge risks in digital asset transactions. Please purchase with caution and pay attention to transaction risks. Bibox will select high-quality currencies, but will not assume any responsibility for guarantees, compensation, etc. for any of your transactions. [Contact Us] If you have any questions, you are welcome to contact us at any time (7*24) through the following methods.Wish you a happy transaction! Official Website: Online Customer Service:Go to consult Official Email:[email protected] a ticket Official English Telegram: Bibox will continue to improve user trading experience and provide you with better services. For more spot trading activities, please click the link:
Update time: 2022.09.28 06:05:44
Bibox institutional account service has been fully upgraded, apply now to enjoy more exclusive benefits!
Dear Biboxers, Bibox institutional account service has been fully upgraded. From now on, registers can enjoy the trading benefits of more than 600 trading pairs on the whole platform, and the highest Pro.5 preferential rate. At the same time, you can also experience the following exclusive benefits for institutional accounts: Account withdrawal privileges: additional withdrawal limit and fast withdrawal channel; Value-added financial services: provide financial value-added services such as pledge financing and over-the-counter transactions; Exclusive transaction butler: exclusive butler 1 to 1 service, quick response to service needs; First-hand industry information: provide the freshest and timely industry information to help you understand industry trends; Institutional trading channel: open the whitelist, more stable and faster programmatic trading; Private meeting invitation: invited to participate in sharing activities such as cocktail parties and salons held by Bibox; Capital introduction: outstanding institutions have the opportunity to obtain Bibox incubation funds and manage institutional funds introduced by Bibox. Please click toapply nowto submit relevant information. If you have any suggestions or questions, please send an email [email protected] For more spot trading activities, please click the link:
Update time: 2022.09.22 08:35:56
Bibox Announcement on Adjustment of Spot Trading Fee Rate
Dear Biboxers, In order to further optimize the user's trading experience and improve market liquidity, Bibox has adjusted the spot transaction fee rate. The details are as follows: General user: Level Last 30 days trading volume(USD) and/or BIX quantity Maker/Taker Maker/Taker BIX 12.5% off Lv.1 <1,000,000 or <5,000 0.1000%/0.2000% 0.0875%/0.1750% Lv.2 ≥1,000,000 and ≥5,000 0.0950%/0.2000% 0.0831%/0.175% Lv.3 ≥2,000,000 and ≥20,000 0.0900%/0.1800% 0.0788%/0.1575% Lv.4 ≥3,000,000 and ≥50,000 0.0850%/0.1500% 0.0744%/0.1313% Lv.5 ≥4,000,000 and ≥100,000 0.0800%/0.1200% 0.0700%/0.1050% Lv. 6 ≥5,000,000 and ≥500,000 0.0750%/0.1000% 0.0656%/0.875% Pro user: Level Last 30 days trading volume(USD) and/or Assets(USD) Maker/Taker Maker/Taker BIX 12.5% off Pro.1 ≥10,000,000 or ≥100,000 0.0750%/0.1000% 0.0656%/0.0875% Pro.2 ≥50,000,000 or ≥300,000 0.0700%/0.0900% 0.0613%/0.0788% Pro.3 ≥100,000,000 or ≥1,000,000 0.0600%/0.0800% 0.0525%/0.0700% Pro.4 ≥200,000,000 or ≥5,000,000 0.0500%/0.0700% 0.0438%/0.0613% Pro.5 ≥500,000,000 or ≥10,000,000 0.0400%/0.0600% 0.0350%/0.0525% Pro.6 ≥1,000,000,000 or - 0.0300%/0.0500% 0.0263%/0.0438% Pro.7 ≥2,000,000,000 or - 0.0200%/0.0400% 0.0175%/0.035% Pro.8 ≥3,000,000,000 or - 0.0100%/0.0300% 0.0088%/0.0263% Special Notes: 1.From now on, using BIX to deduct the handling fee will enjoy a 12.5% off discount. 2.Special rate accounts will no longer enjoy BIX discounts. 3.The adjustment of the spot transaction fee rate has been completed on the web side. For users who use the app side, please download the latest version of the app and check the latest rate standard. 4. For more details, please click view. Risk Warning: Cryptocurrency trading is risky, so please participate with cautious. Please note that Bibox do not responsible for any of your transactions such as guarantees, compensation, etc. Thanks for your support! Bibox team September 8, 2022 Click here todownloadIOS or Android version APP Bibox community Telegram: Twitter: Facebook: For more spot trading activities, please click the link:
Update time: 2022.09.08 03:01:26