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Market Maker Incentive Plan - Application
  • Market maker type
    Contract trading
    Token trading
    Token and contract trading
  • Trading volume/ VIP level
  • Your customer service representative will contact you after submission
You can also contact Bibox official staff via the following ways.
[email protected] BI-Day @BillieBibox
  • Market Maker Benefits
  • 1. Apply to become a contract market maker to enjoy Maker -0.015%, Taker 0.03%, and become a token market maker to enjoy Maker 0, Taker 0.03% of the basic rate discount
  • 2. According to the monthly accumulated points ranking of market makers, contract market makers can enjoy up to 46,100 USDT monthly rewards, and token market makers can enjoy up to 51,000 USDT monthly rewards
  • 3. API request improvement.
  • 4. Colocation
  • 5. 24 hours exclusive customer service.
  • 6. Others